Your Ultimate Guide For Excellent Dental Health

October 12, 2020 dental x ray grandville

Did you know that a good laugh can release your stress, increase the number of immune cells and other antibodies instrumental in fighting infections, thereby improving resistance to illness and diseases?

Now that you know how important laughing and smiling is, do you still feel conscious because of a decaying tooth or other dental issues? Then know that you are not the only one. As humans age, tooth decay, gum diseases, and cavities are common.

There are, however, treatments such as tooth extraction or tooth implants, that can help you get back that confident smile and better oral hygiene.

What Is A Dental Implant

A metal screw post replaces the original tooth root in dental implant surgery, and new artificial ones replace the missing, damaged, or rotten teeth. These new teeth function exactly like real and natural ones. The procedure, however, varies and depends on the condition of the jawbone.

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Metals are used in the implant because the titanium fuses easily with the jawbone, and it won’t slip, won’t make noise while eating or talking, neither will it cause any damage to the bone. A dental implant is beneficial because the whole procedure allows the bone to heal and stick tightly at its place around the implant. 

What Is Dental Extraction

In simple words, dental extraction surgery means pulling out a tooth using medical tools. This procedure is carried out when wisdom teeth cannot grow in properly. Tooth decay, crowding of teeth, or tooth infection are also conditions where dental extraction might be required.

The procedure here is usually simple and straightforward. After the dentist conducts a thorough oral exam and reviews a series of dental x ray grandville images, he will use a local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. Then by using a tool called an elevator and a pair of forceps, the dentist extracts the tooth. 

Final Thoughts

Oral hygiene and oral health are as important as any other. Ignoring your oral health can cause serious problems in the future, directly or indirectly having adverse effects on your health.

Trusting professionals and reputed clinics and dentists will ensure the procedures are done safely, thereby decreasing the risk of additional and existing dental risks.