Protecting Yourself And Your Family From Ticks

October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Ticks can become very dangerous very quickly.  If you or someone you love has been bitten by a tick you need to seek out medical attention as quickly as possible.  When a tick bites you, it will release a numbing agent that will mask their presence.  If allowed to stay on you for an extended period of time they will consume your blood and leave behind germs and bacteria that could result in major diseases.

To help protect yourself from ticks, commercial tick control collierville services will need to come in and spray your area as well as do preventative measures to ensure that the ticks don’t come back.  This process can take some time but if you do some prep work, the process can go off seamlessly.

Cut your grass

It is important that you keep your yards clean and maintained.  The main breeding grounds and habitats for ticks are tall grasses.  This is why you can find them in fields and throughout the forest.  When walking through these areas it is important that you have long pants, long sleeve shirts and watch where you are going. 

Ticks don’t fly or jump.  However, they will move quickly to attach to something that entices them.  When we cut the grass we are removing this environment and forcing them to seek out new accommodations.

Remove standing water

commercial tick control collierville

All life needs water.  Ticks and similar creatures will use water to drink and lay their eggs.  When caring for our homes it is a good idea that we dry up any standing water from storms.  If our yards flood or if there are other types of water that remain around our homes then we want to take the time to dry them up and fill in these spots so they don’t happen again.

For those with a tick problem, these are the basic steps you need to follow.  From here, check yourself, your family and your pets.  The more vigilant you are, the more protected you will become.