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Two Cosmetic Features Of Dentistry

There are just two features you need to remember for now. This short article can act as a tooth filling on cosmetic dentistry west chester work for now by brushing you up on cosmetic teeth whitening as well as teeth cleaning as carried out by an oral hygienist for now. Most established dentistry practices have one by now. An oral hygienist. She may not hold the same high qualifications as the presiding dentists.

cosmetic dentistry west chester

Whether she is studying further to become a full-fledged and practicing dentist remains to be seen. She is still holding a formal qualification. But her work does not extend to fillings, tooth extractions, implants and the like. Let’s just say that all she does is clean and brighten, just like a dedicated housekeeper would do. Which in essence is what she is. A good housekeeper for your teeth and gums.

Her forte extends to teeth whitening and teeth cleaning. For obvious reasons, teeth whitening would be an attraction for interested patients. After all, who wouldn’t want to have bright, milky white teeth? But please note that this teeth whitening exercise is no vanity project. Of course, the work is designed to make you look good. But in doing so, it’s healthy. For one thing, it’s a good mental exercise.

Because improved appearances will surely do a lot for a person’s self-esteem, particularly after a long bout of habitual smoking which left the patient saddled with yellowing or browned teeth. One would hope of course that said patient is now able to kick this unhealthy habit for good. Because it won’t be long before the teeth turn back to its stale look and odor. Lastly, teeth cleaning is essential for the purposes of removing plaque and tartar, something which ordinary brushing is not able to do.